An affineur perfects and enhances the aromas and tastes of the selected cheeses. Not only by caring for their natural aging but also by adding new fragrances to them. The affineur beautifies cheese and adds a unique taste to it.

Since cheese production begun, there has always been an issue about its preservation. Several different methods to store it were invented, as for example: wrapped in leaves or in hay, covered with pomace, beeswax or spice blends. These techniques reveal an underlying the culture of product preservation and are the starting point for the affineur, who knows all these ancient traditions and has the ability of translating them into new creations.

The Affineur makes sure that the cheese maintains and expresses its peculiarities by respecting the work already done by the dairyman. Pairings are much thought and researched to empathize the raw matter, then cheese is brought to the right maturation stage and wrapped in a non-invasive packaging meant to protect it and to embellish it.

The refiner aim is to make cheese taste even better and to create masterpieces where the original taste expresses its full potential. Working as a good designer, the refiner experiments with new and edgy ideas and promotes  forms of “aware innovation”.