Who we are

DEGUST was born in 1994. Driven by professionalism and passion, our business aims to rediscover small niche dairy producers and to select dairy products of distinguished quality and taste to refine them. Its founder, the Michelin starred chef Hansi Baumgartner, transferred his culinary expertise to the fine art of refinement. Thanks to his previous experience, he was able to pair cheese with the most sought-after ingredients and to develop innovative refinement techniques which have their roots in traditional methods of preserving, but, in a same time, aim to provide an avant-garde take on cheese.

Over these years, Hansi and his wife Edith, put all their energies and effort into the business, improving and refining not only cheese but most of their skills.

With the support of coworkers driven by the same passion for cheese, we have been able to bring DEGUST at the top of the industry working together step by step with persistence, as a big family.

With this commitment to excellence we select the best raw milk cheese in our territory, South Tyrol, in all other regions of Italy and also abroad, to create new refinements and to provide a wide and original range of choices.